Public Participation Overview

Public Forums / Workshops 

There are three sets of public forums that will be conducted at key points throughout this project. These sets will consist of one forum in the community around Sheppard AFB (Texas) and one forum in the community around Frederick Regional Airport (Oklahoma). Each forum will include a presentation by the JLUS consultant that will provide an overview of the JLUS process and milestones that have been reached. Each forum will provide an update of what has occurred on the project since the previous meeting and allow the public to participate and provide input, comments, and / or questions. Following the presentations, an informal open house component will be held, where Project Team members will be available to talk with the public in a one-on-one, informal atmosphere.

Public Forum #1: This forum will explain the purpose and function of the JLUS, explain the nature of military operations at Sheppard AFB and Frederick Regional Airport, introduce project participants, share the JLUS approach, and discuss the goals of the JLUS. The format of this forum will include a presentation to the public followed by an interactive working session where attendees will be invited and encouraged to share their input on potential JLUS issues.

Public Forum #2: This forum will provide an overview of the compatibility issues that have been identified to date and address the geographic "areas of concern" that have current or potential compatibility issues. An overview of possible tools and strategies will also be discussed.

Public Forum #3: This will present the Public Draft JLUS report and provide an overview of the document. This forum will allow the public an opportunity to provide feedback and input to be considered and incorporated into the Final JLUS. The Public Draft JLUS will be made available for download on the website for the public's information, review, and comment.

As workshop dates and locations are set, links to the agendas and meeting materials will be posted on this page. As the project progresses, links to the agendas and materials from previous meetings will be posted here for easy access and remain here for the duration of the project.

Committee Workshops

Five workshops with the Policy and Technical Committees will be conducted.